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Homemade citrus vinegar cleaner review


It’s been a while but continuing my last post on green cleaning, here’s an update on the citrus vinegar cleaning solution that I said I was going to make and try out!

Here’s what it looked like after about 3 weeks:


Method: I strained the orange colored vinegar above and diluted it with water in a 1:1 ratio into an old spray bottle. The quart of vinegar and water filled the spray bottle up and there was about a full cup of the non-diluted solution left.

Color: The clear vinegar started turning yellowish after about a week and ended up a bright orange color. The solution had been sitting on top of my fridge for about 3 weeks when I finally “made” the cleaning solution, aka, diluting it with water. Can it get easier than that?

Smell: Vinegar in its pure form does have quite a potent smell but after being “marinated” in citrus peels for about 3 weeks, the potency was noticeably diminished. While I did get slightly vinegary whiffs when I sprayed out of the bottle, I’m happy to say it smells mostly like citrus and the slight vinegar smell doesn’t really linger and goes away pretty soon after you wipe down whatever you’re cleaning.

Effectiveness: I first tried cleaning the bathroom with this solution and it did everything that my old cleaner did, WITHOUT all the chemical fumes that used to make me cough and my eyes water. The tile floor, the ceramic sink, and faucet were all clean and shiny when I was done. I also tested it in the kitchen, on the carpet, shelves, and floors, all to my satisfaction. I was especially surprised at how easy it was to wipe down my crusty stove after letting the vinegar cleaner sit for about 10 seconds. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and degreaser without the toxicity of the store bought cleaners. Really, what’s the need to overuse chemicals that’ll, in the long run, harm us more than protect us?

Cost: A quart size vinegar bottle at the supermarket costs around $1.50 so for the cost of a couple oranges (which you can eat as a snack after you use the peels to “marinate” the cleaner solution) and about $1.50, you get almost a bottle and a half of cleaner. Saving $$$? No chemicals to inhale?? Yes, please!

If you want a healthier home for the fraction of the cost of a name brand chemical cleaner for most of your household cleaning needs, I definitely recommend trying this cleaner out. I won’t be browsing down the cleaning section of my local Target anytime soon, that’s for sure. There’s tons of other uses for vinegar around the house which I’ll be looking into and sharing with you all. I also bought a huge box of baking soda the other day to experiment with. More green cleaning trials to come!