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Caraparkliving resolutions

Happy almost-one-month-blogiversary! When I first started this blog, my initial resolve was to start off with at least two posts a week. Twice a week, one post every 3-4 days. Not that hard. Or so I naively thought. Laziness, the holidays, etc, all got in the way and I’ve averaged one post per week so far. One of the tips for creating and maintaining a “good” blog that I read some time ago was to be consistent. Obviously, I haven’t been following that tip much :/ So! With the new year, even though it’s been forever since I’ve actually had a New Year’s resolution (mostly because I’ve learned that I never keep them), my resolution for this blog is to be consistent. Two posts a week, at least! Especially since blogging will keep me accountable in trying to live the way I want to live: less waste, less things, better relationships, more love and meaning in daily life. Wish me luck :)

new years

Cheers to an amazing 2014 and hopefully a more prolific caraparkliving!!