Baby library themed baby shower

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Last weekend, I had the privilege of “organizing” and decorating for a baby shower for some friends (I use the term “organize” loosely here because the parents-to-be made most of the logistical arrangements for the luncheon). They gave me free rein for the decor part so I went to town on Pinterest to brainstorm for some ideas. The one request that the couple had for the shower was for some baby books to start a baby library so I decided to use that as the starting point of my inspiration and the “theme” naturally evolved from there.

Baby library baby shower 01

Since most of the guests were bringing baby books for the shower, I knew I wanted to incorporate them into the overall design as a part of the decor. I also mixed in some stuffed animals, some DIY pinwheels, simple DIY banners, and a pair of oversized candlesticks (which I had used at my own wedding). I borrowed a cake stand and a cupcake stand, which another friend baked cupcakes to fill, and voila, came up with the arrangement below. The key for the table decor below was to mix displaying the baby books horizontally, vertically, and forward facing well as getting in some height which I used the candle sticks for. The lighting in the restaurant was pretty bad (and I have yet to master my DSLR) so unfortunately the first photo above was one of the best shots I got of the whole table.

Baby library baby shower 02

I tried to keep it fairly simple with elements that the couple could take home for the baby afterwards and also tried to use the least amount of materials that would have to be thrown away afterwards. I also intentionally didn’t get any plastic toys (I’ll be talking about my aversion of plastic more in future posts). Everything on the table above went home with the parents-to-be besides the cake/cupcake stands that I borrowed (which went back to their owners) and the candlesticks that I brought from home. I’m happy to say that this was a zero waste event (maybe minus the cupcake wrappers), Cara Park Living style ;)

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  1. Monica

    It was the cutest baby shower! Baby Miles loves looking at those DIY pinwheels & we can’t wait to start reading all those awesome books to him:) Oh! And the stuffed animals go perfectly with our Noah’s Ark themed nursery!


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