Conquering the wine aisle

Now that most of my friends and I have already teetered or are soon teetering on the edge of our late twenties into our thirties, we’ve become more “classy” which means a screw driver or red bull vodka is no longer our go-to drink during social occasions (except those times when we want to pretend that we’re still 24, of course). When there’s a get together at a BYO or a dinner gathering at someone’s place, a bottle of wine has become the standard. But no matter how much wine you’ve consumed so far and no matter how many wine tastings you’ve been to, if you’re anything like me, when you’re at the wine and spirits store faced with aisles and aisles of varieties of wine, the process of choosing the right wine for the right occasion is usually a time consuming and stressful process.

Choosing between red or white is pretty easy. However, after that, a cabernet sauvignion versus a merlot versus a syrah versus a chianti versus the hundred different kinds of reds. Or a chardonnay versus a sauvignon blanc versus a riesling versus you know… I usually do a couple (or more) laps from one end of one aisle to the other end and around the other side for all the wine aisles for quite a while weighting my limitless options, crossing my fingers that out of the million bottles, I don’t choose a disappointing red for my friends. So when I found this amazing wine selection flow chart from an article on NPR, I knew my future wine selections were sure to be home runs. Like the NPR article admits, the flow chart is a bit tongue-in-cheek but I still think it’s super informational and some of it is pretty dead on (i.e., the advice to leave wine at home at a bachelor(ette) party). So I’m sharing. Here’s how to choose a bottle of wine, courtesy of a certified sommelier with a wicked sense of humor!

Here’s the link to the full size version.

You’re welcome. Next time wine is involved when I see you, I expect you to have made the perfect wine selection. Don’t expect anything less from me either.

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