The Kim Sisters

A little bit of Korean history today… Have you guys heard of the Kim Sisters? Korea’s own post-Korean War Dreamgirls!


I just recently saw a youtube video of one of their tv performances and was blown away that a South Korean female trio were popular enough to be on air on American television in the 50’s and 60’s!! They sang, they danced, and played multiple instruments. They started as children performing for the GIs in Korea and as the word spread about them in the U.S., they got signed on for an “Oriental show” in Las Vegas. From there they went on to perform on the Ed Sullivan show over 20 times, were on the Dean Martin show, and even performed at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. Check out this video:

Their mother/aunt (one of the “sisters” was actually a first cousin) was Lee Nan-Young (or Lee Ran-Yong), who was one of the most famous singers in Korea during the 60’s. How cute are the Kim Sisters singing with their mother here??! Their English is pretty darn good…

The Kim sisters had three brothers that formed the Kim Brothers who they also performed with at times.

This isn’t related to anything “green” but thought I’d share this little gem from the history books with y’all today :)

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